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07-10 March 2023 with over 10 sessions – Kigali Marriot Hotel, RWANDA

Press Release

Dr. Emmanuel Ugirashebuja, the Minister of Justice, highlighted the significance of translating the knowledge gained from conferences into tangible actions that can benefit communities. He further emphasized the importance of cooperation and teamwork in promoting advancements in forensic science.
Dr. Emmanuel Ugirashebuja
No continent is truly safe until all the continents are safe. Let's make a collective effort on all sides of forensic practices to enable the #ASFM2023 Kigali conference to make a greater contribution." - @ForensicsAfrica President, Prof. Uomo Eze
Prof. Uomo Eze
Through having a full-on national forensic database of cyberspace footprints, fingerprint samples, and other clues; the security agencies of any country have a chance to prevent terror attacks and other crimes," said Dr. Kumar Vyas during ASFM2023
Dr. Kumar Vyas
Dr Zana Konaté a déclaré, lors du ASFM2023, que c'était essentiel de sensibiliser les familles aux signes avant-coureurs de la violence afin de prévenir ces tragédies.
Dr Zana Konaté
During the discussion, Prof. Michael S. Pollanen shared his thoughts on the development of forensics in Africa, and expressed his belief that the true potential of forensics lies in collective philanthropic efforts to uplift each other and combat the various medical challenges facing the continent.
Prof. Michael S. Pollanen
The success of the forensic enterprise rests on trust and confidence in the objectivity, impartiality, and competence of those engaged in forensic activities.
Dr Bruce Budowle.
Forensic DNA analysis plays a critical role in tracking down criminals
Dr. John Kimani Mungai
With patterns of tattoos and marks on humans, research shows endless possibilities to what forensic photography can do, including identifying generations and help preserve life.
Tracy Reindorp
Images tell powerful stories, and in the case of postmortem or missing persons, forensic photography is a solution to identifying the unidentified.
Kathryn Smith, Ph.D
We can't do the same things over and over again and expect better results. Legislation, funding, and inclusion of forensic practices in the criminal justice system will allow for rapid development of the African state.
Paul Ogbole
Rwanda has chosen to put justice into primary priorities for its citizens. Now, RFL is contributing not only to the justice system in Rwanda, but also in the region and beyond.
Honorable Chief Justice Dr. Faustin Ntezilyayo
Take the reigns of your lives and ensure you're taking care of your health needs.
Dr. Antonel Olckers