ASFM Table Materials-2

Stand Categories​

Do you want to show case your brand,services or products at ASFM2023?
Check various options we are offering


  • Logo placement on ASFM materials
  • Free registration ticket to 2 representatives from your company
  • A regular stand for exhibition Opportunity to present your services and products during poster sessions
  • Opportunity to gift participants Others
  • More Opportunities to be discussed


  • Visibility throughout ASFM2023 events
  • Free registration ticket to 4 representatives of your company
  • Appearance in all advertisements and promotional materials
  • Participation in poster sessions
  • MC mentions as golden partner
  • Opportunity to gift participants with your promotional materials
  • Opportunity to share business cards and other flyers of your organization
  • More Opportunities to be discussed


  • Unlimited visibility through all branding promotional materials of ASFM 2023
  • Free registration ticket to 6 representatives of your company.
  • Special stand for exhibition during four days of the conference
  • Repeated mentions during ASFM 2023 as main partner
  • Opportunity to speak to hundreds of ASFM 2023 attendees about your brand products and services.
  • Appearance on all adverts
  • Opportunity to share your branding materials to the participants
  • Opportunity to participate in poster sessions
  • On site products sampling opportunities
  • Others can be discussed.

If you need us to help you build your stand, kindly reach out to our exhibition team and we will be happy to assist